What Makes a Great Real Estate Agent by John Biondolillo, BCK Real Estate Company Vermont

BCK Real Estate Vermont John Biondolillo

BCK Real Estate Vermont John Biondolillo

By John Biondolillo, BCK Real Estate Vermont

Communication is a benchmark in real estate. Agents must be excellent communicators, able to tune into the buyers’ needs and desires to match to the right homes. They must be able to size up buyers’ housing needs as well as their financial situations. Great agents are able to answer buyers’ questions about the home buying process and inform buyers of the costs involved. They know the markets where they work intimately, they have years of experience to draw from, and they have good common sense and surefire instincts.

            Great agents will put you in contact with referrals for the various professionals you will need to wok with to build a winning team and get the job done: lenders, inspectors, attorneys, title officers, and insurance company representatives. You should receive a variety of referrals within the same category. For instance your agent might refer three real estate attorneys to you, allowing you to choose who you best feel comfortable working with.

            A great agent can have access to listing before anyone other agent does, allowing you to get a jump on other buyers’ To do this, the agent needs to be well connected with the local real estate community and have a good working relationship with other brokers. A great agent has access to multiple listing services and can expose you to a broader range of properties than you could find on you own.

            Great agents are full of enthusiasm and energy and are willing to go the extra mile to insure you are satisfied. During the home buying process they will become a constant in your life. In addition to showing you properties, they accompany you at property inspections and the signing of your closing documents. They arrange to oversee property repairs when necessary. They prepare a comparative market analysis of a property if you want to buy if you are uncertain about the value. They calculate an estimate of your closing costs.  They make special arrangements for you as different buyers’ have different needs. You may want to show the property to your relatives before closing, measure the rooms, get painter’s estimates, or have a final walk-through meeting with the sellers. A great agent will make all this happen and much more.

            A great agent has plenty of time to work in your best interest. Top agents will meet personally with the sellers and the listing agent to make your offer instead of dropping your offer at the listing office. They stay on top of every detail of your real estate transaction. They are available to take care of your real estate needs no matter how inconvenient for them. If a crisis arises, they work on resolving it diligently until the problem is solved.

            Great agents are with you every step of the way to insure that every aspect of your transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible. However, they know the limits of their professional responsibilities and never attempt to make decisions for you. Buyers and sellers are the decision makers in the real estate transaction, not the agents. If an agent is representing you in a transaction, he or she should advise you but never decide for you. Top agents use the “soft sell” approach, which means that they help buyers decide what they want without imposing their will.

BCK Real Estate now has Vermont Realtors in six real estate offices in Vermont and if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Barre, Montpelier, Northfield, Waterbury, Rochester and Stowe, Vermont. We are your source for Vermont Real Estate. Email us at info@BCKrealestate.com.  This blog is provided for informational purposes and not intended to take the place of a licensed real estate professional.

You can also contact our individual offices:

BCK Barre VT   86 North Main Street  Barre, VT 05641   (802)479-3366

BCK Montpelier  15 State Street     Montpelier, VT 05602   (802)229-4242

BCK Northfield    17 East Street  Northfield, VT 05663  (802)485-7400

BCK Waterbury    21 North Main Street  Waterbury, VT 05676  (802)241-2000

BCK Rochester      42 North Main Street  Rochester, VT 05767  (802)767-9900

Stowe Realty/ BCK Real Estate  – 254 Mountain Road, Stowe, VT 05672  (802) 253-8484

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